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Robotic System Integration

Robotic System Integration is a complex multi-disciplinary undertaking to automate an existing and/or a new task.

This starts from custom designing several components tailor made for the particular project and fabricating them.

System integration projects are considered to be a success once all these elements along with the Robots, PLCs and other auxiliaries work together in harmony achieving the set goal of cycle time, efficiency, quality and consistency.

We undertake system integration projects of the (not limited to) following nature:

Component assembly, machine tending & pick-place

Machine loading and unloading, pick and place are some of the most mundane jobs if done by humans. Also, fatigue leads to inconsistency in cycle times and therefore on the final output. These factors make these processes perfect for robotisation.

We undertake system integration projects for automation in assembly, machine tending and pick-place operations.

There are numerous advantages of automating welding, plasma and laser cutting. Avoiding human presence in dangerous environments is the major one. Accuracy, consistency, improved cycle time are other main advantages.

We undertake system integration projects in welding, plasma cutting and laser cutting operations.

Plasma Cutting, Laser Cutting and Welding

Liquid and glue dispensing

Be it dispensing liquids to tenths of a mililitre or working in a class-100 environment, robots are the best solutions for dispensing applications in food and beverages, pharmaceutical and automotive industries.

We undertake system integration projects for all kinds of dispensing applications

Applications of the robotic technology is only limited by imagination. Simple tasks like soldering, screen testing, laser engraving etc can be effectively implemented through robotisation. 


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